Special anti-counterfeiting paper and its characteristics in album printing

1. Watermark paper

In the manufacturing process of watermark paper, technical means can be used to make the required logo, pattern, etc. into the paper. These patterns are not easy to see under normal circumstances. They can only be seen in the strong light. They are recognized as an effective anti-counterfeiting technology by anti-counterfeiting experts from all over the world. Most countries' banknotes, important international documents, facility drawings and various tickets are also printed with watermark paper Brush. Watermark is not only used in currency paper, but also in album printing. There are fixed, unfixed and semi fixed watermarks in the paper. In the manufacturing process, it integrates the complex process of design, mold carving, net making and paper making, so it often makes the counterfeiter helpless. Checking the watermark is also one of the effective means to identify the true and false.

2. Safety line

Safety wire refers to a gold wire or plastic wire placed in the middle of the paper in the paper-making process. The safety wire uses special gold wire. Now it uses plastic wire and has developed into various kinds, such as micro letter safety wire, fluorescent safety wire, etc. The shape of safety line includes straight line, wave shape, zigzag shape, etc.

3. Red and blue filament or color dot

In the paper-making process, red and blue fiber or color chips (dots) are mixed into the paper pulp, or scattered on the surface of the paper before the paper is not set, and there is fluorescence reflection under ultraviolet irradiation. Red and blue fiber and color dot have fixed position and unfixed position in paper.

4. Anti duplication paper

After this kind of paper is copied, the words "copy" and "invalid" will appear, which can effectively prevent color copying of important documents. Another kind of full absorption anti copy paper is blue or brownish red in appearance. Only through the light can you see the pictures and texts on the paper, and the copies are black.

5. Non fluorescent special paper

Generally, the paper has fluorescence under UV irradiation. Therefore, the printing paper and some securities or bills are protected against counterfeiting by non fluorescent special paper. For example, the paper base of banknotes, passports and some tickets in various countries has no fluorescence, so it is easy to show the fluorescent pictures and texts with additional secret notes. Album printing technology, such as multi-color cross printing, multi-color cross printing is also known as cross color printing or rainbow printing. Generally, letterpress is used for printing. It is based on the requirements of the printed matter, after the separator is placed in the ink tank, a variety of color phase inks are respectively placed in different plates. Under the action of the ink roller, the ink of the adjacent part is mixed and then transmitted to the plate. With this printing process, you can print a variety of colors at a time, and the middle transition is soft. As it is difficult to see the placement distance of the ink groove partition board from the printed matter, it can also play a certain anti-counterfeiting role. If this technology is used in large area shading printing, its anti-counterfeiting effect is prominent.
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